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Custom professional music on hold for business phone systems

Why a custom professional music on hold matters for your business phone system It is a proven fact that customers placed on hold who have nothing to listen too will hang up the phone quicker than those who are listening to music or a custom on hold advertisement....

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Why CAT 7 Cabling Is an Investment in Your Technology Future

High Speed Cabling for Your Home or Business What is the goal of any home or business that is wiring for Internet/Ethernet access? Speed and capacity, pure and simple. And if you are looking for these two things, the first place you should start is with CAT 7 network...

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Small business guide to buying a VoIP phone system

Guide to Small Business VoIP Phone Systems Why Trading Your Landline for VoIP Can Save Your Small Business Money, and Give You New Mobile Options, Too. You’ve been thinking about switching your phone service over to a small business VoIP system (Voice over Internet...

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Types and Features of Office Phone Systems

If you have made it here then something has sparked your interest in replacing your office phone system. It is important to educate yourself on what your needs are, what is available and how your business will be affected by migrating to a new telecommunications...

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Find the Best Business Telephone Deals- Testimonial

A company stuck under contract breaks loose.  We were recently able to help a large retirement community in Indianapolis save thousands of dollars and give them the best business telephone deals on their phone service and also provide them with a new business phone...

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Shielded or Unshieled Cat6 Cable

Today, applications are requiring more and more Bandwidth and more types of businesses are using applications in factory like environments that require protection from EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).  This calls for a...

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Moving to VoIP phone system will benefit your business!

What business doesn't want to improve?  There is always room for improvement but have you considered your phone system to be an area for improvement?  Do you realize you could be taking advantage of a wider range of feature rich systems such as a VoIP phone system for...

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Introducing- Long Range Cordless Phone System

What do you do when hard-wiring to a specific location is simply not an option in places like detached buildings, parking lots or warehouses but you still need a phone on premise to conduct business? You invest in a long range cordless phone system. Chances are...

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Do you need relief from neck pain from an office Job?

Why you might have neck pain from not having a headset. Do you have neck pain? No really, stop and think about it? More importantly, why am I asking you might be wondering? Do you get home after a long day in the office and realize you have a sore or stiff neck? You...

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