What business doesn’t want to improve?  There is always room for improvement but have you considered your phone system to be an area for improvement?  Do you realize you could be taking advantage of a wider range of feature rich systems such as a VoIP phone system for less money than a traditional phone system?  Of course you didn’t, otherwise you would have already made the switch.   You can lower cost and increase productivity just by updating your phone system.  This article is going to teach you not only how VoIP phone system can save your business money but also how it can improve communication internally and externally!

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol.  This in a nutshell is the ability to send your audio data over the internet as opposed to a traditional phone line.  There are many benefits that can affect your business both financially and productively.

1. Lowering  costs – Cut Long Distance Charges  -Servicing costs -Programming costs -Network Management -Travel costs

Making the switch to VoIP phone system  is going to drop your long distance charges right out of the gate.  The ability to have video calls and online conferences is going to cut out of your travel expenses.  A lot of the features that were previously an extra charge now come with the service such as the ability to have your voice-mails sent directly to you email inbox.  The number of features available is now comparable to what used to only be feasible for a large enterprise and now is within a small business budget!  Having these features such as integrated conferencing and Auto-Attendant are going to give the consumer the impression your company is much larger and give you more credit when they call you.  After all the initial phone call is a lot of times the first impression someone may get of your business.

2. Internal Communication  – Increase productivity   -Enhance mobility  -Ability to check for colleagues availability

The ability to see who is on the phone at any given time is going to prevent you from having to transfer the same call to three different people to figure out who is available to help them.  The ability to make an announcement with the page feature prevents you from having to walk all over the building or warehouse to find someone to let them know they have a call.  There is no question that having to search for anything can take up unnecessary time and this is a sure-fire way to cut out some of that unnecessary searching to improve to productivity of your employees.

3. Mobility -Don’t get chained to your desk!

There are a few ways VoIP phone system can unshackle you from desk jail.   Starting with the ability to transfer calls and voicemail to your cell phone or remote office you can now be out on a sales call or working from home and answer your calls ringing into your desk phone.   You may not even need to leave your office but being stuck at your desk is preventing you from helping with inventory in the back.  Something as simple as adding a headset or cordless phone gives you the ability to take calls from anywhere in the office and not be stuck at your desk.

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