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Snowed in but still able to work from home

In early January, Indianapolis was hit with the most snow the city had seen in 25 years. The storm affected nearly everyone in the city and surrounding areas. Being a small business located in the heart of the storm area, we were forced to close our doors due to the...

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4 Tips to help you improve your next service call

4 Tips to improve your next Service Call In an ideal world there would never need to be service calls placed to repair/re-program your phone system. Everything would work perfectly from installation forward. Sadly we don’t live in an ideal world; things break down...

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What is Hosted VoIP Phone Service and is it right for you?

   If you have been shopping for a Business Phone systems, or if you just keep up with what is going on in the world of Telecommunications, you may have run across ‘Hosted Phone Service’. Hosted VoIP Phone Service is latest advancement in Telecommunications, it brings...

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Office Moving Wiring Solutions

  When your office moving day approaches for your business you may or may not have thought about your phones system or office wiring solutions moving with you. Although phones are the life line to most businesses many people forget about them unless they quit...

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Avaya: Best Small Business Telephone Systems

Keeping your workhorse working... When it comes to business phone systems there are a large number of companies in the Indianapolis area that use Avaya systems and they can be perfect for the best small business telephone systems. Avaya has been a leading name in the...

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Panasonic Quick Reference Programming Guide

 Panasonic Quick Reference Guide The following information will guide you through common changes and programming instructions for your Panasonic business telephone system and voicemail system. We have included instructions on simplistic changes that we feel the end...

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Go hands free with a new headset for your office phone

  People have been using headsets for years. One might think they are only used in a call center environment or large companies by employees who are on the phone all day. The amount of time one spends on the phone may determine whether or not you decide to buy a...

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Is the smart phone really that smart?

Is the smart phone really that smart? If you read any sort of news article or catch a news program on TV you don’t have to read or watch long before you hear a tidbit about technology. We are continuing to see and hear about the advances with internet service, TV...

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Could a New Phone System Save My Company Money?

By not buying a new phone system you may be costing your company money! Telephones are still the backbone of most businesses, and making sure they are working efficiently for you is key.   For many companies budgeting for a new phone system simply falls by the waste...

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Voice and Data Services Testimonial: Astbury Water Technology

We recently had the pleasure of working with a long time customer, Astbury Water Technology. Midwest Telephone has been providing telecom services for them for the past 10 years. Recently Astbury had outgrown their current office space and decided to relocate to a new...

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