What do you do when hard-wiring to a specific location is simply not an option in places like detached buildings, parking lots or warehouses but you still need a phone on premise to conduct business? You invest in a long range cordless phone system. Chances are overhead wiring is not possible and trenching to lay the cable underground could be out of your budget. Surely there has to be another option and there is! Midwest Telephone is proud to introduce a new series of products to solve your long range cordless phone system needs! The TM-2300 solves the problems of trying to place a telephone in a remote area! It is the ideal resolution for getting you phones in places that hard wiring is cost prohibitive or impossible to do. Starting with its long range of reception, the TM-2300B (Base Station) will convert an analog telephone line into a 900 MHZ long distance wireless transmission. The TM-2300R (Remote Station) receives his signal and when connected to a standard single line analog phone base station the system allows for a wireless connection from your phone source to the remote site!


The TM-2300 is one of the most flexible long-range wireless phone products on the market, offering clear, reliable, communication with an easy to install and easy to use system.

The system utilizes long-range 900MHz RF technology for transmitting over long distances and through or around many types of obstructions. The base station can connect to any standalone analog phone jack or an analog extension of a PBX The remote station has two standard RJ11 phone jacks to attach a single line analog phone, fax machine, or data modem. The base and remote stations wirelessly transmit telephone and data signals between each set which eliminates the need for running wires between the phones service jack and the telephone, modem, or fax machine.

This is ideal for connecting an outlying building into your phone system as it eliminates the need for buried or overhead cable. Multiple remote stations can be paired with a single base station allowing many phones to share a single extension, or multiple base stations connected to analog extensions on a PBX can be paired with multiple remote stations providing wireless connectivity throughout your office, warehouse, or other structures.




Next in the list of new product is the TM3300R.  This is a wireless phone system for a hazardous gas areas and other harsh environments.  Its tough, weatherproof and naturally safe components built for industrial use as well as top of the line communications solutions as the TM-2300.  The TM3300’s system uses long-range 900MHz RF technology for transmitting over long distance .  The stock antenna is capable of reaching half a mile and is up-gradable for more extended coverage!  It even has solar panel and battery power capabilities for use in remote outdoor unpowered non hazardous gas areas.

Ideal for:

  • Oil & Gas Drilling Rigs
  • Petroleum Processing Facilities
  • Agricultural Processing Plants
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Chemical Factories
  • Munitions Storage
  • Oil & Gas Plants
  • Fuel Storage Sites
  • Pharmaceutical Plants



Specifications of the TM3300


Last but not least we have the TM-2400 wireless PA Paging System.  Much like the others, it also uses long range 900MHz RF technology to transmit audio over long distances.  For crystal clear audio quality when used along with a self amplified loud speaker or speaker and amplifier set.  Since there is no need to run any over head wires, the TM2400 is the perfect solution for simply adding  speakers to your PS system especially in remote or non-connected areas such as yards or a warehouse.   When it is paired with a PA mic and speaker/amp sets, the TM2400 system works as a stand-alone wireless broadcasting system.  It can also be connected to a PBX system that has an analog paging port to be used as a wireless PA system.  The TM2400 also has a built in audio input that allows you to connect any analog audio output source so it can be used for much more than just a PA system







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