Why you might have neck pain from not having a headset.

Do you have neck pain? No really, stop and think about it? More importantly, why am I asking you might be wondering?

Do you get home after a long day in the office and realize you have a sore or stiff neck? You might find yourself keeping your pain to yourself because you can’t put your finger on why it hurts. If you told your spouse your neck hurts they might laugh at you based on the fact you sit at a desk all day. This pain you are experiencing could range anywhere from a sore neck to chronic pain day after day.   If you ever find yourself wedging the phone between your ear and your shoulder so you can write or type while listening to someone rattle off their credit card number faster than you can write it down then this could be the root of your pain.

My name is Joan and I sit at a desk and talk on the phone a lot. I recently turned 30 and I suffer from a sore neck from holding my telephone handset between my ear and my shoulder. Although my pain is not preventing me from doing anything, over the past few years I have noticed it becoming more frequent. Especially after being on the phone all day but the solution is simple

There are several things you can do to minimize the likelihood of having neck pains from working at a desk all day.

Adapt your Workstation

adjust your chair so it is at eye level.  Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your arms should be able to reach your keyboard while resting comfortably on adjustable arm rests.

Make time for regular breaks

Even if it is just a trip to the coffee pot a few times a day.  It is important to mobilize the neck.

Think about your posture

Sit up straight and keep those shoulders back.  Holding your head forward to read your computer screen can cause stress on your neck muscles.  Instead, when you come to a website you are having trouble reading hold down the “ctrl button” and hit the + sign until it has zoomed in enough for you to read.  Ctrl then – will undo this.

Get away from the screen at night

If you spend all day at work staring at a computer monitor.  Do not stare at a TV all night when you get home.

Get a Headset for your phone!

When you are constantly holding a phone handset between your shoulder and ear to take down information, you are really taking a toll on your neck.  Switching to a headset not only prevents neck pain but also increases work productivity by freeing up your hands and allowing you to be away from your desk while on the phone.   Finding a cost effective solution to your headset need is what we do best. Of course, we sell the top rated headset brands like Jabra, GN, Netcom, and Plantronics, but we also sell headsets by VXI.  VXI headsets out-perform its competitors in several categories like noise cancellation, durability, comfort and most importantly, Value!

Thinking of ordering a headset, it is easy to be miss informed or order the wrong part if you aren’t careful. Headsets are designed to work with a variety of different brands of office phones. Because of this the headsets come with some general cables that may hook right to your phone but often times an additional connection cable is needed. Since this is the case we can provide you with the base price for an office headset but you should always call us so we can make sure you get the correct cable to connect your headset to your office phone.



The VXI wireless headset allows you to be away from your desk.  This frees you to take something to a coworker or pick up a file all while you are on a call!  Plus with the VEHS Electronic hook, you can answer and end calls wherever you are!


The second you hear the profound audio quality and the comfortable feel of the VXI wired monaural you will know right away what makes this headset different from the rest!  This kind of value and capability only comes from VXi.


Increase your headsets performance with the VXI Amplifier.  Featuring the VXI Safe Sound Protection paired with the Tru-Mic noise suppression technology delivers the best possible quality of sound, allowing you to get the full potential out of your VXI headset.

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