Voice and Data Cabling Installation

Midwest Telephone has the experience, knowledge, and manpower to complete any size job ranging from the very small to the very large.

The single largest cost in a cabling install is the labor to install the cabling and not the cable itself. It’s always best to plan ahead and make sure you are installing enough cables to suit your long term needs.

How do you know what type of cable can handle how much data? Learn more in our blog about different types of cables such as Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7.

Network Cabling

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Voice Cabling

Almost all businesses today utilize a phone system. The installation of Cat 5E cabling is the first step in order for your phones to communicate properly. Although we still may refer to a cable run as voice or data, the same type of cable is used for both. Cat 5E wiring is the minimum cable specification that we install for any business. The advantage to you is the flexibility to use this cable in the future as a voice or a data cable.

Computer Network Cabling

Computers are now the backbone of almost all businesses and keeping them connected is what we do best. When it’s time to connect all of your computers to a centrally located network and provide internet to them, it all starts with the installation of a Cat 5E or Cat 6 cabling  . Check out this blog on the difference between cat5e and cat6. Once the cables are run to their appropriate work station location, we will organize, and terminate all of the wires on the appropriate patch panel.

VoIP System Cabling

While this may be a new term to some, there is no denying that Voice over Internet Protocol is here to stay. What is important to understand is the type of cable required when installing a VoIP telephone system. A minimum of Cat 5E cable is required. If your network supports gigabit data transfer you will need to install Cat 6 cabling to get the most benefit out of the network.

Trenching/ Aerial Lift

When the job gets tough we roll up our sleeves and pull out the heavy equipment needed to get the job done. We have the ability and expertise to trench or bore between multiple buildings when connecting two or more buildings together or running a cable to outside equipment, such as fueling areas or security checkpoints. We can also go up high or over machinery in a warehouse. We have a variety of lifts to get your cable to where it needs to go.


Coaxial cable is still the main stay when dealing with cable television, closed circuit television, audio, video equipment and surveillance systems. We can assist you with any coaxial cable need whether your need requires, RG-58, RG-59, RG-6 or RG-8.

Cable Removal

In the past few years, many commercial property management companies are requiring companies to remove any communications cabling they installed when vacating a space. This can be a very tedious and dirty job that should be left to professionals. Let us remove this cabling and properly dispose of and recycle the materials.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic in your communication system provides the fastest data transfer and is capable of running thousands of feet. With that said, FiberOptic cable is also the most delicate to install. Fiber Optic cable is brittle and should be handled with extreme care in the installation process. We install single mode and multi-mode fiber and can accommodate any need your specific installation may require. Our technicians are very familiar with installing SC, LC, and ST connectors. If your fiber optic cabling needs are out of the ordinary and you need to ensure they’re protected, let us spec out one of our higher rated fiber cables, such as shielded fiber or indoor/outdoor rated fiber. Still not enough? We will place your fiber cable inside an inner duct to ensure it is easy to recognize and less susceptible to damage.

Have a question about cabling installation? Give us a little information and we will get back to you shortly!