Why a custom professional music on hold matters for your business phone system

It is a proven fact that customers placed on hold who have nothing to listen too will hang up the phone quicker than those who are listening to music or a custom on hold advertisement. Consider your business and your clientele base. While your customers are on hold you can advertise and inform your customers about your business or product.

Hold Music for Phone Systems

Consider the following when trying to determine if a music on hold device or a professional custom greeting/advertisement is a good fit for your company:

A person calls your company and is placed on hold only to hear dead air for several minutes.  They don’t know if they have been placedon hold or if the call has been disconnected. Out of frustration they may hang up, and then do one of the following:

1) Call back and start the process over.

2) Call a competitor or

3) Visit your business in person to handle a simple matter that could have been handled via phone.

The end result being lost revenue for your business or higher labor cost dealing with issues multiple times.

Odds are your average customer does not fully understand 100% of all the services or products that your company offers. For example: Your main company focus might be selling plumbing supplies but you have just recently expanded into selling electrical supplies. This would be a great opportunity to get your message across to potential new customers and also to your existing customers. Brag about your company’s latest reward, expansion, years in business, or one of your newest product. The options are endless.

The process is simple.  Our company spends 10-15 minutes talking about your company’s business. We will then present to you 4-5 informative advertisements for you to consider.  Our recording and music artist will put together a custom advertisement mixed with licensed royalty free music and submit it back to you for approval.


Music On Hold Player with MP3/USB input               $279

Licensed Royalty Free Music                                         $29

Custom On Hold Recording and Music Editing          $379

Installation/Set up                                                          $0 – $150*estimated


This unit must be installed and the phone system must be programmed and activated to play the external music/greeting. The cost can vary slightly or in some cases is not even necessary. It is best to estimate $150 for the install cost. After speaking further about your current phone system along with your location we can provide a more accurate installation cost.

Not quite ready to spend the money on the custom recording? The on hold player can be installed without any custom recording.  It will have licensed music with generic message preinstalled on it.  The custom message/greeting can always be added at a later date.

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