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Voicemail Jail!

It’s a far too common occurrence.  A company has lost an employee and now their auto attendant is incorrect.  Your callers listen to the auto attendant and it says to select 112 to get to Bill, but now they get Amy. They select 2 for sales, then 4 for truck sales and...

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Phone System?

The average business telephone system has over 400 features, yet the average person only uses about four of them. That tells us that the telephone industry is doing a poor job of educating our customers about their system’s capabilities. We expect wondrous things from...

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Would My Company Benefit from VoIP?

Three years ago, I would have answered that question differently than I would today. Three years ago, I would have asked, “does your company have multiple locations that require long-distance phone calls between branches?” “Does your organization have a shared data...

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