It’s a far too common occurrence.  A company has lost an employee and now their auto attendant is incorrect.  Your callers listen to the auto attendant and it says to select 112 to get to Bill, but now they get Amy. They select 2 for sales, then 4 for truck sales and they get someone in the accounts payable department.  Your callers select “0” to go to the receptionist and the call rings and rings with no one ever answering. Your Office Manager has always taken care of your voice mail but she left the company. Who is going to take care of the voicemail now?

In any business, turnover of employees is going to happen. People change. Roles change. Offices change and your auto attendant will need to change too. What does your organization’s auto attendant say about you? Does your company currently fall under one of the previous categories and you don’t even know it? Do you do know it, but don’t know how to fix it? We can help.

Do you know… The term voicemail and auto attendant are often times used interchangeably with one another. Many consumers don’t realize that the auto attendant is simply a function of the voicemail itself. Auto attendant can be described as automated options that are given to the caller when they initially call in. These options, and information, are used to direct callers to a specific department based on the nature of their call and who they are trying to reach.

Will my voicemail do that? At this point you may be asking yourself will my system do that. In most cases, manufactures such as Panasonic, Vodavi, ESI, Nortel, Avaya, Samsung, Comdial, and NEC all offer robust voicemail systems that support auto attendant functionality. Some of the other useful features include: call recording, call screening, message notification and outbound call transfer.

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