Keeping your workhorse working…

When it comes to business phone systems there are a large number of companies in the Indianapolis area that use Avaya systems and they can be perfect for the best small business telephone systems. Avaya has been a leading name in the telecom industry for the past 20 years. Previously known as Lucent Technologies, and originally AT&T, Avaya has become known for providing cutting edge technology solutions for companies of all sizes. With AT&T having a large presence in the telecom industry within the Indianapolis area in the late 90’s it is not uncommon for many businesses to be operating on one version or another of an Avaya Phone system.  When someone thinks about Avaya they commonly associate the name with Avaya’s most popular small to medium size business phone system, the Partner ACS.

If you were shopping for a business phone system prior to 2011 it was almost inevitable that you would have come across atleast one company that wanted to sell you an Avaya system. It has been known for its simplistic features, easy programming, and competitive price.  Although Avaya released a new product line called IP Office in recent years, many companies continue to operate on their legacy systems.

Still satisfied with your Partner ACS System?

If so, you have stumbled upon the right place. Although Avaya discontinued the Partner System in 2011, we have a large stock of Avaya Partner Equipment ready when you need it. If you need an additional phones or your main control unit stopped working we have what you need to keep your business running. We have multiple service technicians ready to service your Avaya phone system today. We offer competitive rates and same day service.

Considering an Upgrade?

If you feel that there are some features that your business could benefit from but you just aren’t ready to spend thousands of dollars Avaya has the solution for you, consider a refurbished phone. When Avaya introduced the IP Office they made it compatible to work with many of the legacy Partner phones such as the Partner 18D series I and Partner 18D series II. If you choose to migrate to the new IP office you would be saving a lot of money by reusing your existing phones paired with the new IP office phones. Midwest Telephone has been an authorized Avaya dealer for many years. Although it is not the only product we sell, we are pleased to show you a quote for a new IP Office and compare its cost and features against other phone systems.

Avaya Phone system