Should I buy a refurbished phone system?

With so many options for one to choose when shopping for a business phone system and phones, it may feel a little overwhelming to add another option.  However, this choice will save the bottom line rather than break it.  Buying refurbished phones and phone systems can be a great way to get a full featured phone system on a budget, as long as you do your homework.  I am going to go through some facts and tips about refurbished phones and phone systems to make sure you are saving money and avoiding hassles.

What is refurbished?

While there can be a bit of variance in definition from person to person ( we’ll talk about this more in a moment) refurbished generally refers to a product that has been taken out of service (Usually when a company upgrades their phone system or goes out of business) and brought back to a facility that specializes in refurbishing that item.  Once at this facility the product goes through several phases and quality checks.

  • Testing:  The product is tested by a certified electrical bench technician who verifies the proper functionality and integrity of the device using specialized test equipment.
  • Physical Refurbishing:  The process of bringing the phone back to a like new condition via cleaning and disinfecting.  During the physical refurbishing a product is stripped of customer unique items such as desis, extension labels, cables and programming.
  • Inspection and Packaging:  Once a phone has been tested and brought back to like new, it is inspected a third time.  Upon passing inspection, a product will be repackaged along with all new accessories.  New accessories include desi papers/plastics, line cords, handset cords, handsets, etc…

What to know before buying refurbished.

Buying a refurbished phone system is a great way to save money or include features that would otherwise be out of budget when buying new.  There are a few things to watch when shopping for a refurbished phone or system.  Always keep these things in mind.

  • Is the vendor reputable?  Making sure to buy from a reputable source is important when buying any product.   When shopping for refurbished equipment, do a little research on the vendor you are considering.  Ask how long they have been in business and look for testimonials or reviews online.
  • What is the return policy?  Return policies differ from vendor to vendor.  Ask upfront to ensure there are no surprises later.

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