We recently had the pleasure of working with a long time customer, Astbury Water Technology. Midwest Telephone has been providing telecom services for them for the past 10 years. Recently Astbury had outgrown their current office space and decided to relocate to a new location. They put their trust in Midwest Telephone to help them with the voice and data cabling and moving their existing phone system.

The first step of the move was installing a voice and data cabling infrastructure that would support their long term needs. This was not a step that we took lightly. Total cable count for this project was 156. A project this size simply takes more planning. Communication with the customer had to be clear and precise to avoid mistakes. Midwest Telephone began working on this project approximately 2 months prior to the projected move date. During this time we reviewed floor plans, walked through the new facility and designed a cabling infrastructure that would suit Astbury’s specific needs. Midwest was then able to take those drawing and turn them into a proposal for completing the job.

Astbury is now in their new location and has efficiently transitioned to their new network. If you are contemplating a move, call Midwest Telephone. We will guide you through the process and help you manage all aspects of your move relating to your telecommunications.

With that said, slow and steady is the key to a good move.

Is your business moving soon? Slow down and plan out the steps. Talk to other companies that have recently moved and ask for their advice. Learning from others mistakes is still learning. Ask yourself, “Does the facility I am moving to have voice and data wiring in place? Will it be sufficient to operate my business? The immediate answer to this question is commonly yes. However, after careful consideration and laying out office assignments, the answer typically will be no. Rarely will the layout of a past tenant mirror exactly the needs of your company. More times than not, you will need to add a few drops to at least one or two areas.

How do I get my phone service and Internet to my new location? We typically recommend that you contact your existing telephone service provider at least 6 weeks prior to your move. This gives you a little leeway in case of an unexpected delay. Make time your ally and check back with the provider as you get closer to your move date. Steady communication between you and your provider will help ensure that the move of your telecommunication services goes as smoothly as possible without impacting your business.

When is the appropriate time to move my phone system? Typically, we would move the phone system on the day you begin your move into the new facility. We will work with you to find a time that has the least amount of impact on your business. De-installing, moving and re-installing your telephone system can easily take place in as few as a couple of hours. We can also help you forward your incoming calls to cell phones or another location, ensuring that your customers are taken care of.

Will my existing phone system suit my needs at my new location or is it time to think about upgrading my phone system?

If your phone system is working for your company and meeting all of your expectations at your current location, odds are it will continue to suit your needs at your new location. If you will be adding additional employees at your new location, expanding your existing system will be a cost effective solution and will keep your overall cost low. However, if your system is older and getting more expensive to maintain, or not providing you with a feature set that supports your employees and customers it may be worth your time and money to look into upgrading your telephone system at this time.

Paging? Will your new facility have a warehouse environment? Will you need to page employees in the warehouse? This is important to consider when moving. Getting the cabling and paging horns in place, prior to moving furniture and shelving will save you money.

If you are becoming overwhelmed by all of the things involved when moving your business, don’t stress out. Pick up the phone and call Midwest Telephone today. We will come to your business, discuss your needs and provide a no obligation proposal to manage all aspects of your communications move.

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