It isn’t often when deciding on structured data cabling solutions you need to run phone or data cables need to go beyond the 328 feet (100 Meter) limitation of standard CAT5e & CAT6 cabling, and even if you do often times a simple data switch can provide the little extra boost you need without any trouble. However, what happens when the need to run a cable 400 feet, 700 ft, 1000 feet, or even 10,000 feet arises?

Most of the time when a customer needs to run a data cable to a remote location such as a guard station, parking terminal, or the back of a warehouse they only need a basic connection to support a few devices. A single CAT5e run and a data switch would provide all the bandwidth needed for instance if this were a normal run less than 328 feet.

Once longer distances come into play customers often assume they will need to run Coaxial or Fiber Optic cable to meet their needs. While Coaxial and Fiber Optic cable would certainly do the job, they are overkill in both terms of bandwidth and cost for this type of application. All that is needed is a single pair cable and what is called an Ethernet HyperXtender.

An Ethernet HyperXtender is a specialized device that uses technology similar to that used with DSL internet service to allow runs from 328 feet to 10,000 feet with a single pair from one cable! All that is required is a cable between both locations and power on both ends. Once the device is in place at your remote location you can plug your device directly into the HyperXtender or even add a data switch to connect more devices.

While the HyperXtender allows for runs up to 10,000 feet it is important to know that as you push out further the maximum transfer rate decreases as your range increases, but for most applications this will not be a problem. The maximum rate of 100Mbps is good for up to 928 feet , and even the minimum rate of 1.65Mbps at 10,000 feet is enough to run a telephone and a single terminal. For more details on speeds at varying ranges please see the chart to the left.

So whether you’re in need of wiring a remote location, a single office, or an entire building Midwest Telephone Company is your one call resource to get the job done.