In early January, Indianapolis was hit with the most snow the city had seen in 25 years. The storm affected nearly everyone in the city and surrounding areas. Being a small business located in the heart of the storm area, we were forced to close our doors due to the inclement weather. As a result, our employees were forced to miss work for 2 days due to the heavy snow and negative temperatures.

It is never good for business when you have to be closed; fortunately we were prepared for situations like this with our Panasonic KX-NCP500 phone system which allows us to have IP phones at remote locations. Our sales and service managers have Panasonic KX-NT346 ip phones at home. Having these phones allowed us to answer any calls that came in to the business just like we were at the office. We were also able to connect to our office computers remotely giving us access to our databases and accounting programs.

3 Benefits of having a VOIP phone:

-Work from a remote location with full phone system access.

-Save money during a office build out by running one cat 5 cable to operate both your telephone and computer.

-No cost for outbound and inbound calls from you IP phone. Since your voice over internet protocol uses the internet as backbone, your only cost is your monthly bill to your internet service provider.

Having the ability to continue to run our small business during the snow storm allowed us to show customers we are here for them even when the weather is bad but most importantly it allowed us to continue to generate revenue and not miss out on any potential business. If you are interested in improving how your business handles calls give us a call and will show you what we have to offer.