Spring is finally upon us and although all the snow has melted and the temperatures are bearable.  Now, it is time to consider the possibility of severe weather.  Severe weather can put a damper on your business in a number of ways, from blackouts– total loss of power, brown outs– decrease in voltage levels and even spikes and surges– increase in voltage levels.   Even some of the smallest electrical blips can cause serious damage to about any electronic appliance.  This is why it is imperative you take the necessary precautions to keep your business and your wallet protected this spring and Midwest Telephone has everything you need!

Most common types of power problems and the damage they could cause:


Most of the time a blackout is brief, but a black out caused by a storm could last hours or even days.  They can harm you in a couple different ways.  The sudden loss of power could cause your system to crash and you could potentially lose data.  Once the power is restored it could also cause a brief surge in power.


Brownouts are by far the most common power problem and the most destructive.  Typically, when a high demand is made on the power grid or even if you turn on a large electrical device nearby. This type of incident could cause your hardware permanent damage; crash a system; Data loss and performance problems.

Spikes and Surges-

Often the result of a lightning strike, spikes are typically very brief but also very extreme.  They could easily fry a component. A Surge is less powerful than a spike but can last longer, both are very harmful.  Surges can cause incremental damage that gradually degrades your systems performance and can even corrupt data.

We have three solutions to help prevent these things from affecting your day to day business.  Two grades of Battery Backups and a 4-CO line Surge Protector:


APC 1250 VA Battery Backup

10 outlets, five battery backed up and five surge protection only, the BN1250G (1250VA/740 watts) provides continuous battery back-up to protect your computer’s sensitive data through severe brownouts and complete blackouts

APC 600 VA Battery Backup

8 outlets, 4 for battery back ups and 4 for surge protection only, the BN600MC (600VA/330 watts) provides continuous battery backup to protect your computer’s sensitive data through severe brownouts and complete blackouts.

Tower Max 4-CO Line Surge Protector

Protects up to 4 CO Telephone Line 1 CO Pair per jack, protects pins 4 (5 on a RJ11/RJ45 Jack)


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