By not buying a new phone system you may be costing your company money! Telephones are still the backbone of most businesses, and making sure they are working efficiently for you is key.   For many companies budgeting for a new phone system simply falls by the waste side more often than not leaving you chugging along with the same out dated equipment year after year.

With the New Year right around the corner now is a perfect time to step to the plate and look into upgrading your current phone system.  You may be saying we can’t afford a new telephone system. The real question you may need to ask yourself is; Will we ever be able to afford a new system?  If you answered no, we have the answer. You may want to consider leasing your new business telephone system. With rates as low as 7%, there simply is no better time than the present to buy that new phone system you have been needing.  In many cases you can obtain an affordable monthly payment with a 12-48 month term and a $1 buy out at the end of the term.

Regardless of how you chose to pay for your new business telephone system, once you have it installed and operating you will quickly realize you should have done it years ago. With all of the advances in the telecom world over the past few years it has given businesses the ability to operate more efficiently and effectively saving them time, money, and headache. Let’s take a look at a couple products that have been on the market for the past 5 years and are continuing to meet customer’s needs in the work place. Depending on how old your current phone system is and what features it has many people do not realize that almost all phone systems currently on the market are going to have the following as standard features: HOLD, TRANSFER, PAGE, REDIAL, CONFERENCE CALLING, MUTE, SPEED DIAL, CALLER ID, CALLER ID SELECT/LOG,  DO NOT DISTURB, TIME AND DATE, HEADSET JACK,

Panasonic KX-TDA50G Hybrid IP-PBX Phone System is a integrated small business telephone system capable of handling up to 48 digital phones and up to 12 CO lines. The system starts out with 4 co lines with caller id as a standard feature and 4 digital hybrid p orts. Expansion of the system is easy and cost efficient as your business grows. If you have the need for wireless phones, this system can handle up to 28 with up to 4 wireless cell stations. This system will also support up to 8 IP phones or soft phones which are great for employees working from home or traveling sales reps.  Door phones, door strikes, Music on hold (MOH), single line phones, and voicemail are all supported with the Panasonic Kx-TDA50G control unit.  When choosing this system you will have a variety of different style phones to choose from to suit your businesses needs. Read more about the Panasonic KX-TDA50G  here.

Panasonic KX-NCP500 and KX-NCP1000 Pure IP PBX Phone System with two models to choose from this system is designed for the tech savvy company that wants more intuitive features, true IP capability, SIP Trunking capability, and PRI capability. The NCP500 is simply a smaller version of the NCP1000. We will briefly go over the specifications of the NCP500. It will support up to 64 physical CO lines, 128 total CO lines when using PRI, and up to 64 sip trunks.  This system will support up to 28 digital extensions and up to 128 virtual extensions in the form of SIP phones, soft phones, or IP phones. This system supports a gateway feature to connect two offices together eliminating the cost of long distance charges and multiple phone calls. The NCP has an advanced feature card that allows simultaneous ringing giving a caller the ability to reach you in the office, at your home office, or on your cell phone.  Door phones, door strikes, MOH, single line phones, and voicemail are all supported on this system. Not to mention a variety of actual phones available ranging from the KXDT321 8 button phone to the KX-DT346 executive 24 button display phone. There are also many options for IPphones such as the KX-NT343 24 button IP phone and cordless phones such as the KXTD7696 dect rugged cordless. Read more about the KX-NCP500 and KX-NCP1000 here.

Both of the systems discussed here were designed to work with the KXTVA50 and KX-TVA200 voice processing systems. The KXTVA50 voicemail is capable of supporting up to 6 ports, 8 hours of storage, and 64 mailboxes. The big brother KX-TVA200 supports up to 24 ports, 1000 hours of storage, and 1024 mailboxes. Read more about both voicemail systems here:

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