Is the smart phone really that smart?

If you read any sort of news article or catch a news program on TV you don’t have to read or watch long before you hear a tidbit about technology. We are continuing to see and hear about the advances with internet service, TV service, and especially smart phones and tablets. The smart phone has become a piece of our everyday wardrobe. You put your pants on and you put your phone on your belt or in your pocket and you begin your busy day of phone calls, texting, and checking your favorite social media site.

Just last week I ran into an old neighbor and, as our conversation unfolded he began to tell me about his current job working for a race team, and spending a good part of the year on the road. As we continued to talk I remembered what a negative attitude the guy has as he began to ask me about my job. I told him that I work for a company that sells and services business telephone equipment. His response to me in not so many words was, “Haven’t cell phones taken over?” Without getting an opportunity to respond he continued on to say, “So what is your plan for the future?” Hinting that technology is moving so rapidly that I wouldn’t have a job in the future.  Realizing what he was referring to I explained to him that the smart phone really isn’t that smart.  Any sort of small business that receives multiple calls at any one time cannot work off of a cell phone because cell phones do not have the capability of answering multiple lines simultaneously.  I also referenced a few other down falls as you will see later.

People are relying on smart phones to manage and control their entire life.  As without it you begin to feel lost if you miss a call, text, or update.  In looking at the smart phone from a dependable source of communication for important phone calls the smart phone or generic cell phone for that matter, simply don’t match up. There are still a lot of areas that don’t have reliable cell phone coverage, some buildings seem to interfere dramatically with certain cell phone calls, and often times you are not in the appropriate place to take that important call. Most importantly you don’t have the functionality to communicate with the office like you could if you were there.
If you are running a business of any size and want to be flexible on where you work because you travel or choose to work from home consider moving to a product that will give you the functionality that you need to conduct business in the most professional manner possible. Consider the KX-NT346 or KXUT136

*Answer multiple calls and place them on hold with ease.

*Close a large sale knowing you won’t lose service or have poor service compared to your cell phone.

*Intercom interoffice or outer office employees with 1 touch dialing

*Page the office or warehouse from your remote IP phone

*Conduct up to an 8-party conference call with ease and great sound quality

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