There are many ways to office cost reduction strategies in your office.  Preventative measures will potentially reduce costs down the road and immediate changes will impact your budget right away.  Both can be very effective and I highly recommend exploring your options.   Taking full advantage of today’s technology is a key element in bringing down your office costs.  Since, you can conduct just about every aspect of business online.  This makes it very easy for just about every office to go green.  For example, you can now email your company newsletter instead of printing them and putting them in your employee’s mailbox, you can buy energy saving light bulbs, e-invoicing instead of printing your customer receipts, video or voice conference your meetings to save on gas and vehicle wear and tear.   Email is becoming the preferred method of contact for many people.

You want to be sure to keep a good record of all your clients and contacts email.  This allows you to add them to your email marketing list, which brings me to another money saver!  Online Marketing through email, Social media and business to business platforms like LinkedIn are becoming the standard, depending on the business.  We want to drive people to our sites in any way we can.  So, you want to be sure you are continuously adding new, original and rich content to your company page as often as necessary.    Print marketing like “mailers” are much less effective in today’s digital world than before.  Most people are going to look online for a coupon or the next “deal” before they make a purchase.  So, you should have your specials and offers online where potential customers can find them!  I could go on for days about saving your business money but for the sake of your time, I have broken down a few specific tips for you to follow to start saving your business money today!


  1.  Ultimately, you need a plan. You are not being pessimistic by considering the ways things could go wrong for your business. You are being a realist and taking the right measures, so when tragedy strikes, you can look at the bright side of things, because you were prepared.
  2. Explore a VoIP phone system. VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. It is the process of sending your voice data and other multimedia over the internet instead of the phone company’s network. It is a Telecommunications solution with many advantages over a traditional phone system at a substantially lower cost.
  3. Take advantage of the Sunlight!  By purchasing low energy consumption products and utilizing natural sunlight as much as possible, you could definitely take a chunk out of the electric bill.  Check out more energy saving tips here!
  4. You can avoid large upfront costs by leasing equipment instead of purchasing.  This will not only save you an initial amount up front but will also save you money in repairs, upgrades and maintenance!  Check out the business telephone system lease option.
  5.  How much money are you losing a year to theft?  Have you considered how much money you would lose if your business was broken into?  Protect your assets with a reliable solution.    Our Security and Surveillance Solutions are surprisingly affordable. You get more for less. It’s our job to maximize the value with the proper setup.  On Guard Security Solutions has over 30 years direct experience protecting people and property in Indiana, we know the right and wrong ways at  on Guard Security Solutions. 

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