People have been using headsets for years. One might think they are only used in a call center environment or large companies by employees who are on the phone all day. The amount of time one spends on the phone may determine whether or not you decide to buy a headset.  The benefits derived from any call while on a headset may lead you to using one full time regardless of your call volume.  Many people want to know, “Will a headset work on my phone?” The answer is almost always yes. However, selecting the correct one with the right accessories is often times difficult. There are basically two types of headsets that are commonly sold in today’s market,

There are basically two types of headsets that are commonly sold in today’s market, Corded Headsets and Cordless Headsets.   

A corded headset is going to attach to the side of the phone and give you about 3-5 ft range of movement from the phone. This type of headset is cost effective, and range from $79-$119 on average depending on the different styles.

A cordless headset gives you the added feature of being able to move freely around your desk as well as moving about the office approximately 300 feet from your phone.  Using a cordless headset gives you the ability to answer a call, end a call, and adjust the volume. You cannot however pick what line you want to answer nor can you put a call on hold. You can only answer a call that is normally set to ring to your phone.

Although the features on the headset are few, the greatest benefit is the freedom to move about your office or desk area and not be attached to a cord. The cost of cordless headsets start at about $225 and can be as high as $350 depending on the different styles and features.  If you are leaning more toward the cordless headset there is one other “gotcha” to keep in mind. If you want to be away from your desk phone and answer a call you will need one additional piece of equipment called a Handset Lifter. This device lifts the handset out of the cradle of the phone when you answer a call from your headset.

At this point, you may be wondering if you will still be able to use your handset if you also have a headset connected.  The answer is yes, although different phones work in different ways and you may need to purchase a device called an Amplifier. An amplifier serves a couple of different purposes. It allows you to switch from headset mode to receiver mode with the flip of a switch, and it gives you the ability to adjust the volume of a call instantly. Amplifiers are also used in certain configurations to boost the amount of voltage to the headset in order for it to work properly.

The benefits of using a headset can be different from user to user.  Most people are talking on the phone while working on the computer.  Whether they are typing a sales order or navigating a database the ability to also handle a call is an aid in their productivity. Regardless of what business you are in, using a headset will allow you to have both hands free.   Cordless headsets can be great for companies that have a large call volume and need employees to multi-task throughout the day. The main thing to keep in mind when considering a headset is that there are a variety of connections used to connect the headset to your phone. Speaking with a professional is a good idea to ensure you start with the equipment that you need.