The average business telephone system has over 400 features, yet the average person only uses about four of them. That tells us that the telephone industry is doing a poor job of educating our customers about their system’s capabilities. We expect wondrous things from our computers and our smart devices. Why don’t we expect the same type of things from our telephone system? It is, after all, a computer.

Telephone systems have changed dramatically over the last five years. They are no longer simply a device that allows multiple telephones to share incoming telephone lines. Today’s telephone systems are IP based and offer features that are very similar to your smart phone or your desktop computer. Did you know modern phone systems can:

  • Support remote or traveling users by pushing calls directly to cell phones or other land lines
  • Ring simultaneously on your office phone as well as your home phone or cell phone
  • Provide integration between your voicemail and your email
  • Record conversations in real time to provide an unblinking record of your conversation

Today, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the functionality your telephone can provide.

 How can you take advantage of this new technology?

First of all, find a reputable telecom vendor that you are comfortable with, that supports your system type. Some of the more popular manufacturers are Avaya, Northern Telecom, Toshiba, Samsung or Panasonic. Have the vendor come out and do an inventory of your system and learn how your telephone system works for you. A knowledgeable telephone system vendor should then be able to make a recommendation that would have a positive impact on your business productivity, and help train your team on how to make use of your new features.

If you’re interested in discussing upgrading your current system or just learning to help your business operate more effectively, call Midwest Telephone. We’ll give you our honest opinion about what features you need, and help you find the system that’s right for you.