4 Tips to improve your next Service Call

In an ideal world there would never need to be service calls placed to repair/re-program your phone system. Everything would work perfectly from installation forward. Sadly we don’t live in an ideal world; things break down from time to time and need to be fixed.  So while Midwest Telephone can’t eliminate the need for service calls, we can offer some tips to help your next call go more smoothly.

#1 Have basic info on your phone system before you call.

            Before you place a call to your phone service company it is helpful to have a few pieces of information ready to give to the representative helping you. Having this information ready will save time and allow your service company to focus on getting your system up and running again.

You should know:

  • -Make and model of your phone system
    -Number of lines
    -Number of phones
    -Model number of phones
    -Do you have voicemail?
    -Who provides your phone service?

#2 Have a detailed description of the issue ready

            Knowing is half the battle when it comes to diagnosing a problem with your phone system. Having a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing will not only save you time, it can also save you money! A good description includes the symptoms you’re experiencing, when the symptom occurs, or what changed just before the symptoms began.   The more details you can provide the technician the less time they will have to spend on site tracking down the problem. This means a shorter call and a smaller service bill.

#3 Know where your phone system and other equipment is located in your business

Being able to point out where all your phone and data equipment is located is very important when it comes time to work on your system. A large amount of service time can be wasted simply walking around locating each piece of equipment. Before a technician is on site familiarize yourself with the location of all your phone and data equipment.

In most situations this is located in a closest somewhere in your office. Keep in mind that in some locations there might be multiple places where equipment is located.

#4 Plan to be on site when the technician is working

            If you know when a technician is going to be on site try to be there during that time. Also do your best to make yourself available. If possible avoid scheduling meetings, conference calls, or other important functions during the time a technician will be working on your system.

Often questions will arise during a service call and being available to answer them quickly is important to help minimize downtime and the length of the call. If the person who placed the service call will not be available, brief someone who will so they can be of assistance.


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