Technology is changing faster than ever. Office phone systems are no exception. Don’t let an outdated phone system hold your business back. Here are four signs your business phone system needs an upgrade.

1. Employees Cannot Access Their Calls From Outside the Office

Today business is conducted on the go. If your employees work some or all of the time remotely you need a phone system which will keep up with them. Rather than giving customers their personal cell phone numbers, or relaying messages and hoping they are called back in a timely manner you need to explore options which will seamlessly forward calls to anywhere. Don’t lose opportunities because you can’t connect a customer to someone with the answer they need right away.

2. Multiple Systems in Multiple Locations

As your business has grown perhaps you have set up multiple offices around the corner or across the country. If each office has its own system you may see significant savings by upgrading to an Ipiphony IP-PBX. This cost-effective solution will improve communication between team members, increase productivity and help you do a better job of serving your customers. .

3. Your Company is Using All Available Phone Lines All the Time

The more business your company does, the more the phones ring and the more outbound calls you need to make. If your phone lines are constantly in use and you cannot return a customer’s call immediately, you need to add additional lines or upgrade your phone system.
Your business won’t thrive if incoming customer calls are going straight to voicemail.

4. Your Office Phone Cannot Accommodate New Technology

If you are working with customers around the county or the world, you will need to conduct conference and video calls and share data to keep your projects moving. If your current phone system won’t do those things it is time to think about an upgrade.

Don’t let your old technology slow you down. Contact Midwest Telephone to upgrade your business phone system today.


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