Top 10 Reasons to Consider a VoIP/Hosted Telephone System

Top 10 Reasons to Consider a VoIP/Hosted Telephone System

Manage your telephone system yourself lowering your TCO

Windows based portal allows self-management of system unthinkable with a traditional system.


Take advantage of the technology advances of Voice over IP

Get the most advanced features, dial tone, telephones and management tools


Network Assessment of your data network built into solution

We will come out and test your existing data network allowing correction of network shortcomings prior to them impacting your business


Stay connected using your desk phone, cell phone, softphone and email

Answer calls on your desk phone, cell phone or softphone. Voicemails routed to your email- account within moments of being left.


Manage multiple locations using a single interface

Manage multiple locations/offices using a single web-based portal. Make real-time changes remotely and implement within minutes.


Lower your overall cost associated with your telephone system, service, and maintenance

This solution includes your telephone system, incoming telephone service and ongoing maintenance for one low monthly cost.


Grow as big as you need and more quickly than you would think

Grow to 10,000 telephones and add additional telephones in days instead of weeks.


Reliability equal to or greater than 99.999% uptime

We have had zero downtime since 2008. We have been down 8 minutes since 2XXX.


Disaster Recovery built into the system and set up before you need it

With our solution, you will have a duplicate system online. Calls can be re-routed to another location, telephone number or person.


30 day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our solution, we will switch you back and you won’t pay a dime.


Flexibility of purchase options

Purchase, lease or rent your new telephone system. Trade in your existing telephone system.

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