Security Cameras

Security cameras serve as both protection and a deterrent to those looking to cause trouble for your business. By having security cameras professionally installed, you can keep any eye on your business and give yourself and your employees much needed peace of mind.

The biggest benefit of today’s security cameras, in addition to their high-definition captures, is the ease of which footage is watched. In days past, you have to sit in a cramped office, watching fuzzy footage from a VHS tape or disc. Not anymore – in the last decade, DVRs have replaced the old-fashioned methods of recording security video. With a DVR, the system stays in place, but you can access the video from anywhere, on your computer, phone, tablet or the device of your choosing. It’s easier than ever to watch past or current events happening at your store or business.

At Midwest Telephone, we have experienced salespeople and trusted installers to recommend the proper security camera for your property. We offer high-definition video with fixed or wide-angle cameras. We take care of every aspect of installation, including laying CAT5 cable. If you’d like your DVR installed in a concealed place, we can install the system in a ceiling or find another solution that works for you.

If you are looking to get a quality security system for your business installed by a trusted team, give the pros at Midwest Telephone a call today.

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