NEC Small Business Phone Systems

NEC Small Business Phone Systems

Smart Communications for Small Business

NEC delivers a reliable phone system for small businesses at an affordable price. The unified communications solutions offered by NEC are easy to use, offer great value for money and let you stay connected whether in the office or working remotely.

SL Desktop Suite

NEC systems come with more than a handset — you get full access to your phone system functionality through a desktop PC program called the SL Desktop Suite. With the SL Desktop Suite Desktop Client, you can control click-to-dial, manage calls and locate contacts all through the interface. Through the SL Desktop Suite Softphone, you can take advantage of this functionality from your desktop PC or laptop. Integrate Microsoft Office or third party CRMs like Salesforce, Time matters, Tiger Paw, Gold Mine or ACT with the SL Desktop suite to make your sales and communications processes more streamlined.

Mobile Connectivity

NEC offers mobile extension — the ability to access calls to a certain phone number from anywhere. No longer do you have to give clients a separate number to reach you when you’re out of the office, Mobile Extension lets you take all the functionality with you. You can even access system features like voicemail, caller ID and call transfer as if you were in the office.

Enhanced Voicemail

InMail gives more features and functionality to voicemail than ever before. You can stay current with voicemail alerts sent to your desktop phone, home office or mobile phone, allowing you to access the recordings from anywhere. If you’re away from your phone and you want to listen to voicemails, InMail can send audio attachments in your email. It’s simple to organize, search and find recordings of important discussions. You also have the option to record up to 3 greetings, which you can change throughout the day.


Don’t let distance come between you and your employees. With NEC, networking can be extended across offices to mobile and remote workers. A networked system allows your office to share a single voicemail and intercom system while allowing for a better call transfer process. Visit NEC to learn even more about phone systems for small business.


  • Digital Telephones
  • IP Telephones
  • Designation Sheets
  • SMG Wireless IP DECT Multiline Handsets
  • Digital DECT Handsets
  • DSS Console

Benefits of NEC

Why should you select NEC for your business phone system? Because NEC offers many great benefits including:

Lowered Cost – Even if you have a smaller budget for your business, NEC phones will help you on the bottom line with their high ROI and by lowering total cost of ownership. Additionally, NEC phones are an energy-saving green solution.

Excellent Remote & Home Office Capabilities – You can experience the full functionality of your office phone system remotely from the comfort of your home office. NEC provides 4 remote/home office options: IP Phone, SL Desktop Suite Softphone, Mobile Extension or uMobility. Employers can benefit from the increased flexibility for remote employees and by reducing travel time and costs for employees.

Increased Productivity – NEC phones can help increase productivity with phone shortcuts like speed dialing or handsets with shortcut keys. You can even setup your phone system so that phone go directly to the correct person without the need for a receptionist.

Future Solutions – It’s easy to scale NEC phone systems for the future growth of your business. NEC technology can expand to meet the needs of your business over time, by adding extra applications or sets when you need them. By choosing a system that grows with you, you save on your investment in the long-term.

Better Customer Service – Give your customers a better experience with NEC phones. Whether you need to access phone calls remotely, better deal with high volumes of call traffic or would like to include caller ID for a more personalized greeting, NEC can provide you with options.

Stay Connected On Site – With DECT wireless handsets, you can easily stay connected to colleagues and customers on site. Phone systems don’t have to be connected to a desktop; you can use the wireless voice and messaging functionality from anywhere in the office.

Stay Connected on the Road – NEC phones allow you to extend your office phone number to a mobile phone through Mobile Extension of uMobility. Whether you have salespeople on the road or you’re out of the office, you never have to miss a call with this excellent call functionality.

Simplify Administration – Manage your team easier with an overview of your office phone systems. NEC system features and applications with drag-and-drop functionality make it easy to build call groups and make additions or changes.

Stay Up-to-Date – NEC systems make it easy to stay plugged into updates, voicemails and calls. Voicemail alerts can be sent to your cell phone, desk phone, home phone or in your email. With call recording, you can save important discussions in an accessible place.

Make Business Decisions Faster – Meetings are the place where important decisions are discussed and made, so why not make them easier to schedule? With the built-in Conference Bridge, you can make access to meetings more efficient than ever.

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