Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted Phone Systems

What Is a Hosted Phone System?

Hosted Phone Service is the latest advancement in Telecommunications, it brings together features of a traditional phone system and combines them with the cost savings and flexibility of IP-based solutions. Learn more about the differences between traditional and hosted phone service on our blog.

We have looked at many hosted phone services over the years and Star2Star Communications is the most reliable solution available. Star2Star is a hybrid cloud service that uses a unique blended architecture and constellation network. We proudly sell Star2Star products with confidence in their superior customer service. From initial set up to disaster support, Star2Star is always available and provides a comprehensive suite of recovery and precaution systems. Read more about Star2Star and what makes them our preferred solution provider.

Star2Star Communications helps you cut costs and improve the efficiency of your employees. Teams also benefit from features that help with productivity.

Stay Connected

Reduce costs, improve employee efficiency, increase reliability and strengthen facility security when you switch to Cloud technology. Your entire business will operate under one account, one bill and one set of features. Remote and on-location employees will work as one company.

Working Remotely Made Easy

Stay connected on all of your phone devices. Hosted phone service reroutes calls made to your desk phone to your mobile, home phone or voicemail so you never miss a call or message. Work from home or take a vacation and stay connected.

Take your Extension On the Go

Star2Star’s mobile app turns your phone into a fully-functioning mobile extension. All you need is an internet connection. Make and take calls without using minutes on a 4G or wireless connect.

Local Calling Anywhere

Hosted phone service eliminates remote forwarding and long-distance charges. Your calls will display a local area code regardless of where you’re calling from.

Software That Updates Itself

Software is always changing and improving. Hosted services update automatically, giving you the newest updates free of charge. Star2Star Communications gives you the power to update names and extensions at any time using a convenient online portal. Your business can’t afford outdated systems or failures. With StarWatch, your phone system is continuously monitored to make sure your business is working properly.

Available Advanced Features

Voice, fax, chat, video, conference capabilities, presence management and more are all included in the advanced features. Find and test these features on Star 2 Star’s easy-to-use interface.

Instead of investing thousands of dollars up front, Star2Star Communications gives you the option to rent your phone equipment, off site, month by month. Never worry about system failures or outdated technology. The reliability grantee makes sure your business is always protected with continuous monitoring of your system, alert notifications, analog line backup and 24/7/365 proactive support.

A hosted phone system is the smarter, more efficient choice for any business, from small, midsize to enterprise. Contact us and learn more about hosted systems today.

The mark of our success as a company is how happy our customers are when we’ve finished their telephone system install or repair.

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