Merging two technologies to form an unbeatable solution: Introducing hybrid cloud solution

Star2Star a hybrid cloud solution using a unique Blended Architecture and Constellation Network that utilizes elements of on-premise and hosted technologies, giving you all of the advantages of both without causing your business to be hindered from the disadvantages of either. Star2Star redundant Constellation Network offers coverage from two network operation centers and eight data centers across North American and Europe. Star2Star’s exclusive blended architecture enables significant cost savings and an abundant suite of advanced unified communications features while providing unmatched call quality and reliability.

Understand two different types of technology

There are two types of telephone systems available to us today. There are premise-based telephone systems and there are hosted telephone systems. Star2Star is a hybrid cloud solution also known as a hybrid hosted system. A premise based system resides on your premise. You own it. You have control of it. You are responsible for maintaining and upgrading it. If a premise based system becomes obsolete, you will be responsible for upgrades and or replacing it.  A premise based system comes to you with a fixed cost, meaning you will eventually pay it off.  It interfaces directly with copper C.O.  lines from your local phone service provider allowing you to connect to anyone that has a telephone. Premised based phone systems could still be deemed the most reliable type of phone system today compared to most hybrid cloud solutions available today. A hosted system resides on the cloud and is therefore is sometimes called a hybrid cloud solution. You lease access to it. You can either buy the telephones or lease them as part of your service. Your hosted service provider is responsible for maintaining and upgrading your system, with the exception of the telephones. Your phone system should never become obsolete since you are paying a monthly fee for the latest software and feature updates. With a hybrid cloud solution your costs are always the same, making it easy to budget for your telephone system. However, you will never own the system. It will always be leased. A hosted system uses SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) trunks to connect to anybody that has a telephone. SIP trunks are delivered over your Internet connection and are delivered as part of your hosted system.

With that said, Star2Star offers the best of the two aforementioned solutions. I said Star2Star was a hybrid hosted, meaning it offers the best of what premise based and hosted systems offer.  Star2Star offers the reliability of a premise-based system (uptime of 99.999%) with the ease of management and advanced feature set of a hosted solution.

Why Midwest Telephone is a proud reseller of Star2Star

The Star2Star solution is the most reliable solution we could find and we looked at quite a few over the past few years. Their commitment to providing an outstanding product starts from the very beginning. Before Star2Star ever installs any equipment they place a monitoring device at your company’s location to check for an adequate amount of bandwidth. This procedure adequately prequalifies your company to use the Star2Star solution knowing it will work flawlessly once installed. They take every precaution to protect you from system loss, even when disasters strike. You can rest assured that your bottom line will not be impacted by a communications failure. With a premise based system or in a regular cloud environment, when your phones go down your ability to do business goes down as well. StarRecovery, Star2Stars comprehensive suite of disaster recovery and avoidance protections, protects you from financial loss and gives you the advantage over your competition when their customers can’t reach them. If the Star2Star system is unreachable for any reason, we/you can automatically route your calls to remote locations or employee cell phones. The cloud-based auto-attendants will continue to route calls and provide callers with information. You can continue to have access to your voice mails from emails anywhere with sufficient Internet coverage. You will never be out of reach even if your offices are unavailable. For smaller equipment failures, we will provide next business day parts replacement on all Star2Star equipment. Star2Star may be the only national service provider that offers a 30-day money back guarantee. They guarantee 99.999% uptime reliability and have maintained 100% uptime since 2011. S2S takes great care to keep your system running including continuous monitoring of every Star2Star system we install, alert notifications when something is not operating correctly and Automatic Fail-Over and Fail Back.  This solution is designed to maximize your budgeting flexibility and cut your communications related expenses. Let us analyze your current bill, and we will show you everything that Star2Star can do to minimize your overhead. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give Scott at Midwest Telephone a call today.

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